Family Portraits


Life is too short to overlook the beauty in everyday interactions with the people you love most.


Similar to my children’s portraits, family lifestyle sessions will center around a shared activity. Reading a book, going for a hike, having a Nerf war, whatever your family loves doing together. This can simply be part of your daily routine, or something that defines your family unit. I want to photograph your family interacting with one another in a familiar way. Think of it as documenting your family life as it really is.

Since your child has say in what goes on, these sessions have a relaxed and playful feel.

My kids dread (loudly) our once-a-year family picture session where they have to hold still for a few minutes. They never complain about me taking photographs of them doing something they love.

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We’ll snag a few traditional group shots too… followed by “silly face pictures.

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